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Name:small batch icons
Website:smallbatch on lj
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Multi-fandom icon community - 5 icons on a theme


small batch icons is dedicated to the idea that less is more.

Much like how the restriction of a hundred words can turn a drabble into a work of art, so our theory is that a posting limit of five icons makes the selected images shine.

For icon makers, this makes coding posts way easier. Plus, there's the bonus of getting to share icons more often, hot off the press.

For icon shoppers, it's the ultimate in browsing convenience.

To that end, here are the small batch guidelines:


*No cuts.
*Since there are no cuts, please don't post icons of spoilery [less than a week old/promo images] stuff, or of NSFW stuff.

*Please limit the number of icons in a post to five. (but fewer is just as good)

*Please keep your post restricted to one theme. That theme can be an actor or a show, an emotion, a color, a season... whatever you fancy.
*This is a multifandom/stock icon community.

*You can only have a maker tag once you've made more than five posts.
*Tag your post with the theme you choose so others can find it later. You'll find that we started making tags, but if you don't find the one that fits your post, go ahead and make a new tag.
*Please make your tag as concise as possible. Brevity is the whole point of the community, after all.

*If you snag an icon, credit the maker.
*Comments are nice.

*Most important of all: Enjoy and Have Fun!

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